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We make Maui magazines…

and put them right into the hands of visitors coming off the planes. James had the idea of greeting visitors at Kahului Airport with Maui information and was told it was not allowed.

When asked about First Amendment rights and freedom of speech, the Department of Transportation informed him that wasn't applicable at the airport. After a year of many meetings, lobbying the D.O.T., and with a little help from some college buddies who happened to go to law school, James was awarded a badge and permit to hand out info at the airport.

At first he handed out brochures and maps. Eventually that turned into Maui Magazine. Then we launched The Driving Magazine of Maui, followed by Maui's Favorites and just recently on December 15th, 2011, we published the first ever Maui Whale Watch Magazine.

We have exclusive arrangements with Diamond and Republic Parking Lots (the two largest in Maui), to have only our magazines displayed near the pay centers, and various other exclusive locations on Front Street, in restaurants, at Gas Stations and other visitor areas. Maui Circulation handles island-wide rack distribution at resorts, shopping centers and other visitor centers. Our publications are available at the inter-island terminal in Oahu for outbound visitors to Maui. We constantly update our publication information and maps, and work very closely with our advertisers to keep their rates affordable and their marketing successful. We've created apps for some of our magazines (the Driving Magazine app has had over 100,000 downloads), and are in the process of creating apps for all of them.

We're building out our websites and visitors can now read our magazines online. Our entire approach to what we do is Win-Win-Win. It has to be a win for visitors reading our publications (magazines are free, informative, and beautiful). It has to be a win for our advertisers (rates are affordable and provide a high return on investment). It has to be a win for us (we love what we do). We make visitors happy, clients happy, and we are happy. We all love our life and try to help others love theirs too. That's what we do at the Gecko Group.