Who We Are

That’s what we do at the Maui Magazines

Just a few hip, young guys and gals that work really hard to create super great publications all about Maui exclusively for visitors. We have a fantastic team of Airport Greeters that hand out our publications to people getting off the planes in Maui.

James started the company in 1991, so he does everything from coming up with feature stories and designs for advertisers, to taking out the trash and answering the phone. Beba is the General Manager and Senior Editor, she really runs the company. Cheryl is the Production Manager, the one that actually puts the magazines together, without her there would be no magazines.

Robbie works directly with businesses on Maui to help the visitors find them through our publications . Kristin is our amazing Office Manager is a our number get-anything-done person. We have a team of awesome writers and content managers, including Amy and many others. Ethan is our indispensable web manager, and Josh handles our mobile apps. That's the core group who make up Maui Magazines.